Privacy Policy

The following is outline of  Feingold98 Privacy Policy

• General Information

At  you get search about 3rd party sharing theme’s or plugins which are not  our property .This web portal is just provide searching and some informative data regarding wordpress themes/plugins

What information we collected ?

Standard use of  Website

In general you can browse the website without telling us who you are or any personal information .During visit we collect general information’s regarding server logs such as IP(Internet Protocol Address), browser type or name,date or time.These information’s  are just stored generally for to check the potential  / fame of our website content.

Collect Personal Information

If you are going to subscribe to our newsletter then you have to make your account with us,for that we may collect your first name,last name,country,email and these are general query information’s regarding your account ,we will emails for new discussions or update’s.We do not bother on any,if you want to un-subscribe then anytime you will do this.

Some kind of cookies may also stored just for to keep history regarding your search’s for later use.

What does we do with collected information ?

Standard use of the Website

During your visit the collected information is used to analyze famous trends and the use of website in order to improve our functionality to provide more accuracy . We do not attached any personal information.


For any kind of questions or inquiries about our privacy policy, you can contact us